Clip Studio Paint - Manga Studio 5 - Digital Painting Brush Pack - RAM

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Clip Studio Paint - Manga Studio 5 - Digital Painting Brush Pack - RAM

Robert A. Marzullo
41 ratings

I am currently working on a new painting brush pack for Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint.  You can get in on the ground floor and even make requests on this brush set.  By getting it now you will save money because as I add to this massive set the price will need to go up.  But by supporting now you lock in the price and all future updates!

Some brushes that are going to be in this set include - grass and fur, foliage, brick and rock textures, skin, leather, scratches and imperfections, noise brushes, hair and scruff, powers and effects, water, reptile skin, and much more. I will also be adding in some background patterns and whatever else I think of along the way to make this set AWESOME and worth it to everyone.

I will be adding brushes as they are created so check back or follow me for updates! 

There are 43 brushes available right now and counting....

Current Brushes are -

001 Fur Brush

002 Smooth Paint and Blend Brush

003 Chalk Brush Watercolor

004 Brick Road Brush

005 Foliage Brush

006 Power Brush Nebula

007 Tree Bark Brush

008 Hair Brush

009 Magic Sparkles

010 Bubbles Brush

011 Metal Dents Brush

012 Metal Scratches Brush

013 Stipple Brush

014 Lightning Tip Brush

015 Power Tip Glow

016 Smoke Brush

017 Cloud Brush

018 Rain Brush

019 Dragon Scales

020 Dragon Skin

021 Spike Brush

022 Dragon Scale Trim Brush

023 Alien Tech Spine

024 Alien Tech Spine 2

025 Eye Texture Brush

026 Eye Texture Painter Brush

027 Painterly Texture Brush A

028 Painterly Texture Brush B

029 Rock Texture Brush A

030 Rock Texture Brush B

031 Monster Skin A

032 Monster Skin B

033 Rough Skin

034 Chain Mail A

035 Chain Mail B

036 Brick Wall

037 Dragon Belly Brush

038 Scales Brush

039 Spider Web Brush

040 Chain Link Brush - Comic Style

041 Spider-Web Brush - Comic Style

042 Chain Link Brush - B - Stylized

043 Chain Link Brush - C - Stylized

044 Barb Wire Brush

In this set I will also be including a video lesson on how to use the brushes and also some art files to study where I demo the brushes. If you have any questions I will do my very best to help you with them!

First Demo Video Lesson - https://youtu.be/kvXi5KPifLA

I appreciate all the support of my work and I wish you the most success with your art! ;)


I want this!


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