Figure Drawing - The Body in Action

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Figure Drawing - The Body in Action

Robert A. Marzullo
19 ratings

Welcome to my course, "Figure Drawing - The Body in Action!

My name is Robert A. Marzullo and I have been creating art courses for over 5 years now.  I am also the author of the book, "Learn to Draw Action Heroes."

It is my goal to help you learn figure drawing in a way that has a lasting effect.  You won't just draw along with me and try to remember by observation you will learn why the body moves and reacts the way that it does.

You will learn about gesture and rhythms of the body, stereometric drawing, balance, body language, the human skeleton and landmarks, anatomy, foreshortening, character interactions, and light and shadow.

This will be a massive course and you can enroll now to get started.  I am giving all new signups a discounted price for early enrollment.  This helps me to know I have an existing audience ready to learn and you get a better deal on the content!

So that you know what to expect right now, here is a list of the current content ready to view -

Section 1 - Stereometric Drawing of the Figure

     L1 - Drawing with Primitive Forms

     L2 - Drawing the 3 Main Masses

     L3 - Drawing Arms with Basic Forms

     L4 - Drawing the Legs with Basic Forms

     L5 - Drawing the Legs with Basic Forms - Part 2

     L6 - Drawing the Full Figure with Primitive Forms

Section 2 - Drawing the 3 Main Masses of the Body Organically 

     L7 - The Basic Head Form

     L8 - The Basic Upper Torso Form

     L9 - The Basic Pelvis Form

     L10 - Attaching the Forms to the Spine

     L11 - Attaching the Forms to the Spine - Part 2

     L12 - Turning the Forms of the Body

     L13 - Various Poses of the 3 Masses

Section 3 - Gesture Drawing and The Energy of the Body

     L14 - Benefits of Gesture Drawing

     L15 - Additional Gesture Drawing Examples

     L16 - Rhythms of the Arms and Legs

     L17 - Using the Bean Shape to Draw the Torso

     L18 - Using the Bean Shape - Rendered Example

L19 - Gesture Drawing Arms and Legs - Practice Activity

Section 4 - Proportions of the Body

     L20 - Basic Male Proportions

     L21 - Basic Male Proportions - Part 2

     L22 - Basic Female Proportions

     L23 - Basic Female Proportions - Part 2

Section 5 - Specific Areas of Study and Bony Landmarks

     L24 - Spine of Scapula - Line Art

     L25 - Spine of Scapula - Refinement 

     L26 - Spine of Scapula - Value Study

     L27 - Male Torso - Clavicle and Sternum Study

     L28 - Male Torso - Clavicle and Sternum Refinement 

     L29 - Male Torso - Clavicle and Sternum - Value Study

     L30 - Leg and Knee Area - Anterior View

     L31 - Leg and Knee Area - Lateral View

Section 6 - Drawing the Figure in Action

     L32 - Action Pose - Jumping - Sketch

     L33 - Action Pose - Jumping - Refinement

     L34 - Action Pose - Woman Dancing - Gesture

     L35 - Action Pose - Woman Dancing - Primitive Forms

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