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New Brushes Added!!

Hello Everyone!

I am back in brush creation mode. I have uploaded new brushes to my two largest Clip Studio Paint sets. For you Procreate fans I will do my best to convert the ones that I can but some effects just don't work the same.

I have added two new 3D brushes to my CSP Painting Set. ( By 3D I mean they started in Blender so they are extremely high resolution but they still work like a traditional CSP brush. ) They are the 044 Barb Wire Brush and the 045 Shiny Chains Brush.

Clip Studio Paint - Digital Painting Brush Pack (45 Brushes) -

For all you comic artists I have added to my other set as well. In this one I have added some more line art chains. You can head over to my Youtube channel and see them in action if you like!

Clip Studio Inking Set ( 46 Brushes ) -

Keep in mind that if you already purchased these sets you get all updates for free.

Thanks for everything and keep checking back for more in the next week.


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Dear Robert, I'm an existing owner of both your sets. How can I update my sets? You don't seem to supply a link. Cheers

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Hi Robert I'm still waiting for your reply. How can I update my set? There's no link!

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Isaac Bell

I really need to start using CSP

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